Tong 95 Baskerville Hall

Continuing with the theme, this ticket  dug up from my archives is quite interesting as I can’t find any reference to this party on the web. I can remember going, but not so sure who with. I think it might have been an invitation only job but not sure, I remember walking into this grand entrance hall and there were lots of “beautiful people”, you know, those London types 😉 and a huge staircase. I think if you were important you could stay in the house bedrooms, but I’ve a feeling we might have been in a tent.

As usual I can’t remember a great deal about the night (it was 23 years ago, probably) but maybe it was Pete Tong and in 1995 😉  If you were there give us a shout and let us know.

I had a reminder of this place whilst watching “Salvage Hunters” the other night with Drew Pritchard visiting the place to try to ransack it of it’s worldly wares. He pulled up in the van and I said to my wife “I’m sure I’ve been to a party there” – sure enough he was right.

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  1. I was there with our sound system ,rogue . Our coach was parked on the lower patio . ,Johnny Lee. Was the organiser . Danny rampling was supposed to be the main event .we arrived with our new age traveller crew . Swimming pool sauna ,brilliant . I we had the music room . Onsite radio station . . Brilliant and messy . The breakfast was legendary . Everyone totally of there heads . Photos if you’re interested . ..conrad rogue ….

    • Hi Conrad, thanks for the comment, great to get some info back into the old memory banks. Yes would be great to see some pics thanks.


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