Squarepusher Live @ Schizm, The Park, Manchester 1998

Another Schizm night at The Park in Manchester. This seems to be the flyer rather than a ticket this time that I’ve pulled out of my old bag of tricks.

“Squarepusher Live: Exclusive acid set, Glitch & Versivo DJs at The Park, Grosvenor St, Saturday 03:10:98, 10-2:30, $6”

3 thoughts on “Squarepusher Live @ Schizm, The Park, Manchester 1998”

  1. we got there stupidly early having traveled from the hills and found ourselves sat in the seating area with only the two of us,Tom and the owner there, the owner habded Tom a marker pen and asked him to sign the wall, he duly obliged writing “Je suis Le Squarepusher (french, classy isn’t it) ” funny the things you remember.. he went on to play a set mostly filled with Photek tunes.


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