Boardman Bikes Video Production for Halfords

I recently managed the 2013/2014 Boardman video production on behalf of Halfords.

We shot around 23 bikes with two crews over 5 days. The finished bike reviews can be seen on Halford’s own website and also their Youtube channel. Shot in the glorious countryside around Bingley and in Leeds city centre, two teams worked extremely hard in the heat (and rain) to produce some great results. The excellent Mark Nutkins on camera used the Canon C300 to great effect, directed by the equally excellent Dave Mills.

Mark is a “real” cameraman, done his apprenticeship and trained by the best and it shows. He’s got “Russians” and “E-Z-Ups” and lots of rolls of tape! and the obligatory battered old estate car to lug it all around. A really nice professional so don’t hesitate to hire him for your next project. Dave is a director…..directors crack jokes all day and generally make everyone feel good about the shoot, another excellent professional.

Mark Brooke took care of sound duties and is also a true pro, don’t hesitate to hire him. With planes overhead, lots of dogs and kids he certainly had his work cut out. The bikes are awesome, here are some pics from the shoot.


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