Adobe Premiere Lesson 2E – Adding Basic Titles

Adobe Premiere CS6 can create still, rolling or crawling titles. These can be as simple or a complex as you wish. You may add shapes, shading, shadows and gradients and choose from multiple type styles. You may also incorporate graphics and logos into your titles.

Go to the main menu in Premiere and choose File/New/Title. Alternatively select Title/New Title/Default Still.

You will be greeted by the following window where you may name the title and adjust it’s size.

The title size will default to the size/format of your sequence. Let’s name the title “Fetch” and press “OK“. The Titler window will now appear.

Your title may contain underlying video or be black like ours. It depends upon where your playhead was positioned when the title was created. The timecode at the top right tells us where the playhead is, and we can move this by dragging on the numbers, left and right. Try this and set the position so that our “Sunset 1” image is in view. To show or hide the underlying video, click the icon containing an eye.

The Type Tool in the tools palette on the left side is automatically selected so we are ready to type. Click on the sunset and type “Fetch“. Then adjust the Font Size under Properties on the right to your desired size.

You can position the title in the middle of the screen by first dragging across the word to select it, then right-clicking and selecting Position/Horizontal Centre. Do this action once more and select “Vertical Centre” to position the title in the middle of the screen vertically.

Click outside of the word Fetch to deselect it. Your title should now look like this.

You may change the font used for your title by selecting it with the Type Tool once more and choosing from the Font Family available on the right side of the titler under Properties

You may fine tune your text under Properties, adjusting SizeAspect and Leading etc. or alternatively you may select one of the preset styles for your title which may be found under Title Styles, in the lower half of the Titler.

Ensure that your title is selected and try a few different Title Styles to see how they look. Each time a new style or size is selected you may find that you need to re-position the text to centre it. Right-click to do this as before or alternatively, use the Selection Tool (the arrow in the top left of the tools palette) to move your title.

Now you have created a basic title. The Titler is quite complex and there are many more things we can do, but for now we can close the titler and your newly created title will appear in the Project Panel. Drag it onto track Video 3, above our Sunset 1 file. Then drop a Dissolve Transition onto each end to correspond with the Sunset 1 file.

This ends section 2 of our lesson files. You have now opened a project, set up a sequence, imported assets, edited assets on the timeline, added audio, and added a title.